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the huntress & co's fragrance range is an androgynous line of soy candles, reed diffusers, room sprays. all inspired by the nostalgic feeling of adventure and the outdoors.

we use only the highest quality fragrance oils by australian owned companies in our range to create our complex and unique scents. 

with our candles, these are then blended with 100% soy wax which is a natural and non-toxic product that is carbon neutral. soy wax burns more cleanly and lasts longer than other waxes such as paraffin. we love the way our oils mix with such a natural product to create not only a beautiful burn but a perfect cold throw when your candle is not lit.

our recommended burn time is 2-3 hours. be sure to trim the wick to 5mm before each lighting to prevent wick curling. trim your wick with a simple finger pinch or by using scissors or a wick trimmer. always allow the melt pool to reach the edges of the jar before extinguishing. this allows an even burn as well as prevents tunnelling.  never leave a candle unattended or in reach of children, pets or a draft. allow the jar to cool completely before handling.

our reed diffusers are made with the exact same scents and fill a small to medium space such as a bedroom or bathroom. our diffusers won't overwhelm a room however, you will now and then smell your favourite scent which we think will make you smile. they tend to last between 4-6 months but we do recommend you flip your reeds weekly.

our room sprays are made with distilled water, fragrance oil and solubliser solution (this is the stuff that makes the oil and water stick together) and even though they only have 5% oil they pack a punch. it all depends how often you use your spray as to how long it will last however you should get roughly 500 sprays per a bottle.

for reed diffuser and room spray care keep out of direct sunlight as well as reach of children and pets. if liquid touches skin and irritation occurs please stop using. if a spill occurs clean up immediately discolouring made happens on fabrics or surfaces if left unattended.​

our scents are available in all products.

woodfire - cedar - wildflower - espresso - amber + moss 

fig + coconut - moonshine - sweet lemongrass 

black orchid - nomad - hinterland

golden wattle - cactus flower - almond milk - farmers cottage

to ensure the longevity of your soy candle please follow these instructions. they are also found on the bottom of your candle.

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